Find a Dentist Job or Dental Practice Transition Opportunity

Trying to find the right dental job can feel like a full-time job. Searching through Internet job boards, sifting through old, out-of-date dental publications and networking tirelessly can be exhausting, and if it doesn’t end up in landing the right job it can feel like a waste of time. We have created the Patterson Connect site as a FREE, CONFIDENTIAL location for dental associates to be able to post their dental credentials and review our current National dental opportunities to find the right one for you and your dental career. Start taking charge of your dental career today by clicking here to create your FREE, CONFIDENTIAL Associate Profile and begin connecting with dental practice opportunities in your geographic area of interest right away. The website allows you the ability to communicate with owner dentists directly through your account without having to wait for a 3rd party introduction. The Patterson Connect community is a diverse, nationwide society of Private Practice doctors who share common goals:

  • To have the lifestyle that allows them to take time off and earn the same, or even more, income
  • To achieve financial freedom years before they thought they could
  • To create a partnership that can add hundreds of thousands of dollars to their wealth, allowing them to retire in comfort
  • To create the opportunity to do only the dentistry they love
  • To create and maintain continuity for their practice and their patients

Remember that a practice transition is not only a win for the owner doctor. Most new dentists have school debt; they’re still learning to work as fast as senior dentists and they don’t have the same level of experience with patient interaction or practice management. A value-optimized transition is the only practical way for most new dentists to get established in the kind of highly productive, leading-edge dental practice that will guarantee them the most fulfilling and rewarding career, and Patterson Connect is the best place to begin your search.

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