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Welcome to Patterson Connect; the online destination for dentists who are involved in, planning, or contemplating a dental transition. Whether you are a dental student exploring your options after graduation, or a practice owner wanting to understand the possibilities of a Practice Transition, let the experienced team of professionals at Patterson Connect help you. As you explore our site you will find that Patterson Connect is a feature-rich site with numerous features to help you and your individual situation. Some of the many benefits of being a Patterson Connect member are: 

  • Owner Dentists can showcase their practices and evaluate prospective associates
  • Associate Dentists can post their credentials and search practice listings for placement and Transition opportunities
  • Obtain information on whether a Practice transition is right for you
  • Review tips on locating and bringing on an associate candidate
  • Have access to interview questionnaires and helpful checklists
  • Find valuable information for dental school students who are preparing to enter the workforce
  • Read information on the state of dentistry today
  • Learn how you can receive a free consultation with one of our expert advisors to better understand your situation

With over 15 years advising clients, and hundreds of practices and thousands of associate dental candidates in our database, let us help you connect to the people and resources you need.