Is a Dental PracticeTransition Right for You?

With a well-planned practice transition, you can: 

  • Reduce your hours and generate the same, or even more, income
  • Achieve financial freedom years earlier than planned
  • Build additional wealth to retire in comfort
  • Create continuity for your team and your patients

The “value” practice transition – pioneered and perfected by Mercer Transitions. 

Move forward with confidence

A practice transition is complex and dynamic, involving the personal financial status of both owner and associate, the wants and needs of both doctors and the economics of the practice. Patterson Connect has over 20 years of experience in transition consulting and we have advised over 1,500 clients on practice transitions. Working with our experts, you benefit from our deep knowledge and vast experience, helping to ensure the best outcome for you, your associate and your practice. 

For the greater good

Our collaborative approach represents your best interests, as well as those of your associate and your practice – allowing us to facilitate enduring financial and working arrangements for both doctors. 

Not just for retirement

Many dentists consider a practice transition to be only a retirement strategy ... yet a transition can represent so much more. A well-executed value transition allows you to bring on an associate to help grow your practice and accelerate the profits now, while extracting the value of your practice over the course of many years. 

Where do you begin?

Are you ready to create additional opportunities for practice growth throughout your career or an exit strategy for retirement? Our Transition service will guide the way with expert advice, comprehensive planning and the deliverables you will need from start to finish. Contact us today at 800.444.6162 or email us at