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Through TRANSDENT and the advisors at Mercer Transitions, we have helped thousands of dentists execute every type of transition you can imagine. Our goal has always been to help dental practice owners and associates find each other and implement a successful win-win practice transition, whatever that may look like.

Now with Patterson Dental and the evolution to Patterson Connect, we look forward to helping you next. Whether you are looking for a practice buyout, a partnership, acquisition of a second practice, the merger of two or more practices, or just need guidance on your options, we are here to ensure you get the support you need through the entire process.


"The transition process was stressful for me, only because of being in solo practice so long. Through the process, you expressed only confidence in the transition process as well as your financial predictions for the practice. Craig bought in April 1, a little sooner... Dr. Gary Iskol
Thanks to all of the Mercer team members for the hard work and guidance during the transition process! It would have been nearly impossible to finalize the partnership without your help. I have recommended your services to a number of my colleagues that are considering... Dr. Richardson & Gickling

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100 % Fee For Service Dental Practice. Our doctor utilizes his experience based on thousands of procedures and independent research of over nearly three decades to give the flawless, stunning apperance patients deserve. We combine techniques like whitening, porcelain veneers, crowns, and implants with sound fundamentals of general dental procedures, with a focus on prevention, health, and wellness. We design snug-fitting, natural-looking dentures; replacements in a day for people missing teeth; makeovers for both the front and back your mouth; as well as all phases of preventive and general dentistry (including gentle cleaning with NO harsh...

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